P4A 4.0 update

Just a quick update on the development, please follow quicker on p4a’s facebook page:

  • products catalog is acting as a skeleton application from now on, so it’s been moved to a separate repository: https://github.com/fballiano/p4a-products-catalog
  • products catalog now has full composer support to install zend framework and autloading everything (check composer.json if you need to add things)
  • p4a’s repository has been stripped down removing applications/icons and some other thigs
  • at the moment i suggest you not to clone p4a’s repository cause i’m heavily moving things and refactoring so it’s really difficult for anyone to make an application run

we’re moving, we’re moving, expect more info soon!

One thought on “P4A 4.0 update

  1. Hedwy van de Werf

    Dear Fabrizio,

    I am a very happy P4A user since 2009. Besides my job as IT manager I like to develop data-driven applications on parttime/freelance basis and use P4A for some customers.

    The primary application is to manage Camper guide data in Europe in different languages. See http://www.amazon.it/Guida-camper-Europa-2014/ for an example. These books are generated with help of the P4A framework and Adobe Indesign. We can generate books in different languages and the management of the publisher Facile Media is very happy with the application and easy-to-use interface!
    Hope that you keep on doing the good work!

    Hedwy van de Werf
    The Netherlands

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