My “Magento U” week in Berlin

I know I’m not using this blog so much lately, I mostly write things on different social networks but… the week finishing now it’s been amazing and I want to write something down for my own future memories.

I’m not really sure about where this post is going to go, i’ll just start writing and let’s see.

I’m in Berlin right now, in a nice hotel room, this week I’m been to my first really-serious training course since a (too) long time: the so called “Magento U” course. I’ve to admin I didn’t come here really excited, I didn’t know what to expect from this experience but, maybe because of the stress I’m having since too long, I thought I was not going to be satisfied by this training session.

I was never so wrong! We had the luck to have the great Vinai Kopp (with the help of Rico Nneitzel, another Magento real superhero) as trainer, I swear I never saw or heard or read anyone with so much knowledge about Magento (and I’d say programming in a more general way)! Plus he really is a great guy, nice, funny, positive during all the day and all the days. I was really pleased and I feel really lucky to be able to learn from him.

I also had the chance to partecipate to the Magento Stammtisch at Mgt-commerce hq. We met some really nice guys and really great professional people. The speeches (by Vinai and Daniel Fahlke) were just amazing and the tech level was really, really high. I’ve been to a lot of conferences in the past but this one was absolutely one of the best! Plus we all had a drink together and they all were so nice to speak english for the whole time. Another great life experience of the week.

Berlin is simply an amazing city, I’ve just been a turist and I’ve no knowledge of the german language but here everyone speaks such a good english that you really feel welcome.

Well… I don’t know how to close this post, it maybe sound strange but I’ve a lot to process about this week… I just want to say thank you to everyone it’s been a part of it. I wish it could happen more often and I’ll not forget it.

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