VeloCV: Rebuilding ground up

So, after the last couple of weeks I had to take a deep breath, a project I was really believing in was killed so…

I checked other websites (LinkedIn competitors) to find an alternative that would grant VeloCV to continue living with the same concept. I got some refusals (careerbuilder “we are not interested”…) and some approvals (Xing most of all) but the point is:

Should I really rely on 3rd party?

After a few days of thinking I believe the answer is no.

So (again), I think I’ll take a few days of vacation from the VeloCV project to clear my mind a little bit more but my plan now it to build a complete “CV creator”, complete (yes, also linkedin has many, many problems) and super simple, allow users to have their personal web home page, download the CV for offline sending and more (I already have some ideas).

So be ready guys, it’s gonna take some time but we’ll have some fun in the end.

4 thoughts on “VeloCV: Rebuilding ground up

  1. Fabrizio Balliano Post author

    no and thank you for the suggestion, i already decided to go on another road, but i checked the stackoverflow api and it seems there’s no API for careers (at least the CV part).

  2. Nigel S

    Really dissapointed by this, I actually loved the VeloCV idea (but only with linkedIn integration) — I simply don’t have time to manage another page… Are you aware of any other services that customise the look of your linkedIn page?

  3. Fabrizio Balliano Post author

    @Nigel: Hi, are you disappointed with me or with linkedin that changed the APIs killing velocv? did you read all the blog posts i’ve written about that? no other service can do what velocv was doing, linkedin is not giving that data anymore. that’s why i had to rethink velocv from scratch. i suggest you to not just think “i don’t have time to maintain another page” cause i’m working on much more than just “another linkedin”. let me know

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