Does Ubuntu stand Windows 10 and OSX?

Some of you may know I recently switched to a Macbook Pro as my daily driver working computer. I never used an Apple compluter or an Apple operating system so I wasn’t really aware of how the experience would be.

Now I can say I had enough experience with Windows (some versions), Linux (lots of distro for about 10 years) and OSX so today I was going back to some good old Ubuntu… wait… good old?

Schermata 2015-12-04 alle 16.00.50

After this “good old” thing came to my mind I decided to write a quick post. I think Ubuntu (let’s pretend that Ubuntu = Linux, for the general audience it’s pretty much it) is a great operating system and it totally stands up the competition.

A few things Ubuntu does really really good:

  • it’s fast
  • good memory management
  • system management in general is great
  • plug and play hardware works fine

The main flows I always encounter:

  • suspension/hibernate always works really bad
  • graphic cards drivers always quite suck (try watching 1080p videos via HDMI)
  • lacks of professional apps

But all of these 2 things are actually not Ubuntu problems, but 3rd parties problems!

Plus, as a developer, Ubuntu (Linux in general) it’s a heaven.

Then what?
Well I really think it’s time for Ubutu to throw all the GUI design in the garbage and go modern.

I know it’s a great effort but, if I take a look at the screen, I see almost the same GUI as 5 years ago (and it’s the same for OSX, so the same applies for Apple too) and it just feels outdated to me!

The icon redesign task it’s been in the air for years and it never happened, it’s really time for a change in this department.

Maybe something will change with MIR 8 but… I don’t know… Ubuntu Touch at the end has the same “design” as the desktop version ad if feels heavy and outdated the same way so I don’t expect it to bring some fresh air by itself.

I have to say I use Ubuntu less these days, but I still love Linux and Ubuntu in particular and I would love to install the next version and see a light, modern UI, it would truly kick some asses!

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