Fundamentals of Magento 2 Development Study Guide, we want downloadable/printable PDFs

A few days ago Magento released the 2.0 version of Magento U Fundamentals of Magento 2 Development. Everything is updated, study guides, videos, exercises.

I love Magento U courses, their quality is really, really high and they’re not even comparable with 3rd party courses/books.

Since version 1.0 of this course video lessons are not “normal” videos so it’s not possible to download then for offline consuming. And, although I don’t like it (I don’t even like to much to have to continuously press “next”) I can be ok with this choice.

The point of this post is that in version 2 they changed the way you can consult the study guides, now Vitrium PDF web viewer is used, PDFs are watermarked and both download and print is completely disabled.

I don’t think this kind of material is subject to great piracy, because of the highly technical  (small) audience, but anyway I totally agree with the watermarking policy so that nobody will have the idea to publish them online for illegal download.

But I totally dislike (and it really bothers me) the fact that I can’t download or print the study guides. I would never print them on paper (they’re hundreds of pages) but I’d like to store them wherever I want and on my kindle to read them whenever I want/can or whenever I’m not on my laptop.

Someone told me:  there’s a “save for offline cache”. It is not the same thing, no kindle support, you can’t choose the PDF reader you want, you have to read it inside the browser, no print…

Most of all (and I close this post), seriously, is this the way we handle copyright in 2016? Come on guys you can do so much better, let’s not crash on these simple things.

One thought on “Fundamentals of Magento 2 Development Study Guide, we want downloadable/printable PDFs

  1. Annoyed at magento

    This is really annoying. The amount we just paid for the course and they won’t even let you print the student guide off.

    I thought this course was really poor as well. Sounded like a computer generated voice reading the dev docs.

    Would have been much better going through example tutorials on the video rather than what they did

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