We need a new Apple

I only have one single Apple product, my 2015 Macbook Pro Retina, a beast of a machine, the best laptop I’ve ever had (also the most crazily expensive one!) and I truly love it, but this is not the point of this post.

Also if I bought just one single Apple product I’ve always admired Apple, they cat create truly beautiful products, sometimes innovative and they can sell them, oh yes they can sell them.

But Tim Cook is not Steve Jobs, he’s doing a good work but Apple’s products since Jobs died are ok, but not wow.

Don’t get me wrong, they still crash the competition but they don’t have the wow factor anymore, people don’t drive crazy at Apple’s keynotes anymore and that’s a big difference.

Also, Apple made a big list of mistakes with new products, the awfully named Apple Pencil, the Apple Watch (ok, it seems they dropped the iSomething naming…), the bad design of the Magic Mouse 2 charging. Plus they added a big list of “I don’t know which customers I’m aiming to” products like some iPads. Plus, they keep forgetting some other products like the Macbook Pros or the Mac Pros (when was the last update guys? did you notice skylake is here since 1 year?).

So… I don’t know… To me a company is the man who built it, without Jobs and Wozniak Apple is just another financial based company, trying (with good results) to get customers, but they’re not trying to change the world anymore.

We need new Apples, new company made by people who want to change the world, we need new Jobs (I know he didn’t actually invent the products but none can say he was not the heart of the company) and new visions.

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