Magento down while regenerating cache?

You have a good amount of traffic on your Magento store but you can’t flush the cache because the server load will explode and the whole website will go down?

In the time between your click on the “flush cache” and when all the cache is completely regenerated, every page request from your visitors will trigger a new cache regeneration routine and this is what’s blowing your servers’ CPU and causing a lot of unpleasant downtime.

Magento lacks concurrency management (or a locking mechanism) in the point where it managers the cache regeneration.

Unfortunately┬áthat point is so early in the runtime stack that’s not possible to write a real┬áMagento module to add the functionality, that’s why I decided to release a really small patch, which is available at:

It’s a patch, so it’s much more compatible with different Magento versions, from CE to EE and avoid the bad habit of releasing a patched copy of the core’s file (if it’s from EE, and I’ve seen that, it’s a copyright violation) which can bring to exotic incopatibility problems.

Feel free to ping me on github or twitter for anything.

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