Magento Freelance Directory

I’m a Magento freelancers and I’m always struggling to find other freelancers to collaborate with.
I also know customers (store owners or agencies) that are (same thing) always struggling to find freelancers for one or more projects.

The official’s certification directory doesn’t solve the problem cause 90% of the people there are employees so…

I thought to create a very small (but effective, I hope) project to list all Magento freelancers around the world. The mini website is available here:

If you’re a Magento freelancer please subscribe and get listed on the website for customers to find you.
If you’re a store owner probably you are not reading this post :-D but you’ll be able to find freelancers on that list.

I decided not to filter results based on “country”, but I’m using “language” instead. I think country means “near” (physical/timezone) and I think that doesn’t match with the “freelance” concept.

Let me know what you think about this small idea! :)

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