Ubuntu, will I finally love you again?

Dear Ubuntu, it’s been a few years since the last time we met on desktops. We slowly drifted apart, we took different roads and you took choices that I didn’t always agree with.

You decided to part from Gnome (I strongly believe that, in the Linux/FLOSS world, separation is always a bad thing) and develop Unity, then you wanted to go mobile with Unity8 but… we’ve waited for years and I didn’t see any good from that experiment.
And while you were doing all that… You forgot about desktop, or at least it seems it me (do you remember your bug #1?), you told me that you would build a new icons theme “soon” but that soon never arrived…

Jokes aside guys, I’ve beed reading a few news about the new Ubuntu 18.04 that are finally giving me a little bit of a positive shiver! It seems to me that the good path started already with 17.10:

  • we finally got rid of the weak Unity and we’re back on Gnome (I loved Ubuntu back at its beginning mostly because it was using Gnome)
  • because of the previous point we also got rid of the Ubuntu Gnome project, which now probably doesn’t have meaning to exist anymore

Why I think that’s good? Two reasons:

  • less fragmentation (the Linux world has limited workpower, the more it’s fragmented the less the result)
  • Unity was always the weak window manager, and now both Ubuntu and Gnome will benefit from having the Ubuntu team back on board supporting/helping/debugging Gnome

And what’s exiting about 18.04? Two main things! We’ll finally have a new icons and window-manager theme!!! We’ll finally see Ubuntu jump from the the past to a modern design! These two tasks were long overdue (in my opinion) but finally, finally (yes, I really am exited about that) we’ll see the light at the end of the tunnel.

These should be the choices:

Ubuntu 18.04 icons theme

Ubuntu 18.04 icons theme

Ubuntu 18.04 theme

Ubuntu 18.04 theme

Please Ubuntu, don’t let us down, we missed you so much

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