doesn’t like 3 million Spanish people

Canary Islands, Ceuta and Melilla are three special Spanish regions counting almost 3 million inhabitants. They’re 100% Spain but they have special fiscal regulations because of geographical reasons.

Since a few months, if you live (like me) in one of those territories, it’s almost impossible to order anything from

We can only buy products which are sold and managed completely by amazon, no 3rd party sellers, no used products nor warehouse deals. It means means almost nothing.

This kind of restriction makes browsing for products very, very uncomfortable, you’ve to search for something, add it to the card, simulate an order and only then you’ll find out that “sorry, we can’t ship this good to you” which is extremely frustrating and time wasting.

Amazon Prime was already not the best experience because we have no access to fast shipping or fast delivery (although we could get free shipping and others Prime services) but now it’s almost useless (ok, we can use Prime Video but…).

The funny (in a weird way) thing is that if we order from or or any other amazon store, we can get anything delivered to our homes, it’s just that doesn’t like us! The problem with this approach is our Prime membership only works with the amazon store in which you activated it, thus if I’m a Spanish Prime member and I buy from I’ve to pay international shipping!

So what the heck

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