Upload to Instagram from your computer (PC/MAC)!

You use Instagram but you prefer to edit your pictures on your computer before uploading them? Here comes the problem: there’s no official Instagram app for laptops or desktops!

But wait! Follow this quick&easy tutorial and you’ll be able to upload your pictures to Instagram from your computer, using only your browser, the official instagram.com website and no other software or extension!

1. Open Google Chrome

yes, we need Google Chrome for this trick to work

2. Go to instagram.com and login

you should see your profile, something like this

3. Click the “3 dots” button in the top right corner

then click the “MORE TOOLS” submenu and then “DEVELOPER TOOLS”

4. Click the “More Tools” submenu and then “Developer Tools”

The developer toolbar should open, don’t worry, the trick is super simple and safe!

5. Click the “Toggle device toolbar” button (second on the left)

This is the “Toggle device toolbar” button

6. Refresh the page and the magic is done!


7. Click the upload button!

You’ll be able to select the picture, resize, apply filters, everything!

PS: If you speak Italian…

I’ve recorder a video of the tutorial on my YouTube channel!

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