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War is started: Red had has been sued for patent infringement

IP Innovation LLC sued Red Hat and Novell (yes, Novell) for patent infringement about multiple workspaces (you’re right, this is unbelievable).

Is there Microsoft hand? We can’t say that but we know that IP Innovation LLC has just recruited some Microsoft executives…

Please read the complete article on Groklaw.

Microsoft won’t sue Linux users? Oh thank you so much!!

Is Microsoft telling us that they want every Linux companies to sign something like the Novell agreement? Should every Linux company pay Microsoft? :D

Microsoft, we’re not here for kidding, if you want to continue on this road SHOW US THE CODE! It’s been told many times, IF Linux violates your patent we’ll change that code, stop.

No agreement to unmotivated threats! Could someone think about suing Microsoft for calumny?