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It’s been a while since the latest update on the project. During the last week Andrea and I decided that was time to work on that and we reinstalled all the moodle platform (1.9), recreated the nice graphic theme (you can download it if you want) and changed the policy.

Now is a full and free moodle hosting with ethic, ethic because everyone can access to all the material for reading also if the course is closed for subscription.

There would be a lot more to say but I’m running out of time, please keep reading on

A free school revolution idea

Back in 2003, with CreaLabs we started the e-Socrates project, creating the first Italian portal promoting the free e-learning philosophy, because we truly believe that knowledge must be free.

Some days ago Simone Brunozzi told me about an idea he was working on, a community made by students and teachers, together creating documentation that would be grouped in books, maybe printed, obviously released under a free license. Hey this is just a small resume about his idea, please visit his blog for further information!

This evening, driving back home after work, I was thinking about Italian high schools, let’s talk with some numbers (examples):

  • every 2 years every student has to buy 10 books, 40 Euro every book
  • 40 * 10 / 2 = 200 Euro/year
  • let’s think about 2 million of Italian students (actually there are many more, but let’s take some margins)
  • 200 * 2,000,000 = 400,000,000 Euro/year

Let’s imagine what my country could do with only half of this amount every year… with 200,000,000 Euro/year Italy could pay a huge team of teachers that would create all the books for the next year. All this books should be released under a free license and freely available for everyone to download. Many low cost print services could be used for who students that want a paper copy of the books (I think that a paper copy could be given to any student for free).

Amouts are higher than what I wrote because in Italy there are more that 2,000,000 high school students… what a better world could be

Maybe I’m not the first having his idea, it seems so obvious…