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Let’s socialize

After a long time I decided to remove the addthis plugin and switch to sociable because I wanted to make the social networks links more visible and also because I wanted to show only a few selected websites instead of many useless (due to the content of this blog).

There’s one thing I miss about addthis, it was unobtrusive javascript generated, I think it was nice.

Hope you like the choice, please tell me if you think I should add more social networks to the toolbar!

I’ve been dugg and I survived

I finally did it!!

I wrote my post about Ubuntu 8.10 upcoming features on saturday afternoon, I thought it was a good post but I wasn’t thinking about digg…

Well, in a few hours I’ve been dugg by more than 100 people so my post was published on digg’s homepage!!! here’s a screenshot so I won’t forget:

At the moment my digg submission has been dugg more than 1100 times and counts more than 130 comments (plus the ones on my blog).

The post on my blog hit more then 23,000 visitors on sunday and 6,000 on monday:

Thank you digg, it was an amazing experience! :-)

New graphic theme online

It took me some work but… I love the result you’re watching right now, don’t you agree with me?

Blog reorganization: started

I’m reorganizing all the post within this blog, removing a lot of categories, converting some categories to tags, add tags to posts and things like these.

Maybe you’ll see some strange things happening here for the next few days but it will be better I promise :-)

New website :-)

My blog finally have a new home :-)

I decided to move ’cause I wanted to change the graphic theme and to be able to modify it a bit to fit my few specific needs. I could also install the addthis plugin, at least I won’t have to generate/copy/paste the “digg this” HTML code for every post… little things that can bring a lot of satisfaction :-)

Working on the new blog took me a few days, that’s why I haven’t post anything last week, now I still have to fix something but I’ll restart posting about the usual things (actually will be p4a).

ok, back to work, see you soon!

10 thousand!

10 thousand visitors hit my blog, I thought a celebratory post was due :-)

next goal is one more zero at the end ;-)

The theme quest…

Will ever be over? I don’t know… hasn’t the perfect theme for me, sorry guys!!

A shining new theme for the blog :)

I was so happy to find out that added a bunch of new themes so I tried some of them and chose this one. I like it so much and I hope you’ll do the same :)

lighter theme

Just changed the graphic theme, I liked the dark one very much but it seemed a bit difficult to read, this should be better :)

Another thing, I added the meebo widget to the sidebar, now you can IM me at any time.