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YourWay opens in a different way

YourWay is a commercial service by my company, born to allow customers to create their own Ubuntu based Linux distribution with just a few clicks on a web page.

After a long time freeze, we decided to change the approach to YourWay service, not just leaving the customer alone with his choices but making it a face to face service.

Why this change?
When our customers ask us to create a Linux distribution they want to have control of every small part of the process and of the result, thus we understood that a standardized approach would not work for YourWay.

So what do we have now?
A general description page of the service and a “get a free estimate” button. Clicking it will lead you to a cost-estimate request form, with some question that will help us understand your needs. After this step we’ll work face to face with the customers to take care of every little part of the project.

And what if I just need some easy tweaks?
What if a customer just needs “a standard Ubuntu plus support for his language plus a couple of applications”? This will be absolutely easy, quick and cheap, I swear :-)

And what if I’m an hardware reseller?
This is the most interesting part, we can build auto-installation Ubuntu based DVD to deploy your hardware quickly and easily!

Visit CreaLabs YourWay website and start building your own Ubuntu based Linux distribution!

“YourWay” first screencast

I’m sorry I’m not posting a lot in these days but I’m working hard on many things and actually I haven’t seen news I’d like to discuss…

Anyway, back to the post title… the first screencast of the Ubuntu customizator is here:

Expect major changes soon.

Update: here’s a youtubed version of the screencast, I suggest to download the files above cause this is really low quality;