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Upload to Instagram from your computer (PC/MAC)!

You use Instagram but you prefer to edit your pictures on your computer before uploading them? Here comes the problem: there’s no official Instagram app for laptops or desktops!

But wait! Follow this quick&easy tutorial and you’ll be able to upload your pictures to Instagram from your computer, using only your browser, the official website and no other software or extension!

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Best music distribution service of 2018

If you’re a musician/band and you want to release your music on the major stores (Spotify, iTunes, Amazon Music) in the best way possible you’re in the right place! Let’s compare the most modern platform so that you can choose the best for your music!

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Magento Freelance Directory

I’m a Magento freelancers and I’m always struggling to find other freelancers to collaborate with.
I also know customers (store owners or agencies) that are (same thing) always struggling to find freelancers for one or more projects. Continue reading

The rise and fall on my newborn startup

As a freelance developer I use my résumé almost daily, it’s my main tool to get new jobs. I also have other websites, like:

  • a personal “commercial website”, which is more or less just my CV plus a few other things
  • a tech blog
  • some websites for some of my personal/open source/commercial projects

Obviously I have a LinkedIn profile, which is also a very important tool for my job. Continue reading