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Active Directory authentication on Ubuntu Hardy (8.04)

Just in time for the feature freeze, likewise-open was uploaded to hardy’s universe repository.

likewise-open is a software which will allow users to join Active Directory domains easily, just a few click and all is set up.

I followed this new feature with great interest ’cause I’m working on an important linux-switch, thus I did some tests on the new packages (actually before it was uploaded to universe :-)).

I found a few bugs and I has some notes so I wrote everything using the likewise-open lauchpad bugs page. Please do some test if you can so we can confirm these bugs and help developers finding a solution.

The importance of delivering localized Linux

Situation 1:

You go to the supermarket and buy a new PC, you’ll find that the installed copy of Windows is perfectly localized in your language by default.

Situation 2:

You go to the Apple store and buy a new MAC, you’ll find that the installed copy of MAC OS is perfectly localized in your language by default.

Situation 3:

You download a copy of Ubuntu, burn it and boot it, select your language and… find that half of the system is in English and only a few things are in your language (this happens for Italian, maybe things can be worst with other languages).

What I want to say it’s quite obvious, if Linux vendors want to penetrate the newbies market, they must provide fully localized ISO images, there are no excuses. This is my point of view.

A lot of time ago, when I entered the UCK team, I wanted to build an ISO localization team, to build and deliver a full set of Ubuntu localized images. That part of the UCK project never came to life because of some problems but I still believe in its importance. Ubuntu team seemed to be quite regardless of this problem and our solution.

We (CreaLabs) continue to build and deliver the Ubuntu Italian ISO and I know there are a few other similar projects around the world but the point is that these kind of initiatives should become more officially endorsed by Ubuntu (or any other distro, problem is the same).

I talked a few time with the Ubuntu Italian Community but in all these years no page of the site links to our ISO image. Well… I’ve to say I’m a bit sad about that ’cause this seems to mean something like “we don’t care about that”.

Now, critics apart what can/should we do? If you agree with my point of view contact your distro (many of them have localized communities) and make them read this post, we just need to talk about the problem and we’ll find how to solve it. Having a fully localized Linux delivering infrastructure can only bring more users to our beloved OS.

Compiz shouldn’t be enabled by default on Ubuntu

Enabling compiz by default is one of the goals of Ubuntu Gutsy Gibbon (7.10) release, but following a thread on the ubuntu-devel mailing list it seems that the final decision was not taken yet.

I agree with all the points of view, compiz has some major problems and dependencies.

Just an overview on the main graphic cards:

  • Intel: open source drivers, compiz runs smoothly AFAIK, it could be enabled by default.
  • ATI: open source drivers have some performance issue, proprietary drivers do not support AIGLX and anyway compiz has some bugs with these cards (I’ve one of those inside my laptop) thus I don’t think enabling compiz by default it’s a good choice now.
  • Nvidia: open source drivers do not support 3D (I’m not talking about nouveau ’cause they are still too experimental), proprietary drivers are really good but they’re not bundled with Ubuntu thus compiz can’t be enabled by default.

I’m sorry but I can’t find a way compiz could be enabled by default… I think the right decision is to disable it until all graphic cards would be supported and bugs would be solved. I also think that, if this feature is so important for Ubuntu, Canonical should hire some programmers and sponsor the compiz development.