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KHTML and WebKit reuniting

Many blogs talked about that in the latest 2 days, while a was taking a break, but I can’t stop myself for writing a headline about this news from ars technica.

I hope that this unification idea will go on and complete successfully, it should happen for many other projects, I also hope that this will be taken as an example of the right direction for companies that want to work with open projects (ok Apple is not a saint…)

Free projects defragmentation: knoppix italian community

Reading my latest post someone can say

hey you started many projects but what did you do for the fragmentation problem you’re talking about?

That’s absolutely right!

Something like 3 years ago we started the Knoppix italian community, after some time (maybe 1 or 2 years, I can’t remember) some other guys started another knoppix italian community, we told them they should join our project becase our was already known and active but nothing. We continued with our project for a bit but, monitoring the others’ work we found it was good and we decide to close ours to make users join the new one.

This is a good defragmentation I think, I don’t care about the 10 euro/month for the adsense banner on my site, I care about the idea, what’s the goal? 10 euro/month or the spread of knoppix? IT HAS TO BE THE SECOND!

Our website is still there just for reference but it’s read-only, hope we did a good work, I think so.

The problem with free software? Fragmentation

I feel this as a big problem in Italy because of my involvment in some free projects, I don’t know if it’s the same in other countries but I can imagine that’s pretty the same situation.

A free project is created starting from an idea of a single person, some other joins, some other say “hey I want to do this instead of this” and create another project. What’s the result? The failure of at least one of the projects.

It’s absolutely sad to see good projects dying because people can’t find common objectives and work together!

If you come second, don’t impose your ideas, join the community and work for it, if you really want to contribute put down your own pride and work for the free software, not only for yourself and your name!