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P4A 3.6.0 is finally out!

It’s time for a big P4A release before the summer vacation :)

The changelog is really long as usual but there are no explosive changes or new features, the main focus was porting from the old FCKEditor to the new CKEditor 3.3 (that now has come to a complete and stable feature set).

I also worked on updating all various softwares we embed (Zend Framework and jQuery plugins), fixing some bugs and reworking the AJAX stack.

After CreaLabs (the company I previously own) closure don’t worry, I’ll still continue to work and support P4A, I’ll keep using it for all my jobs and I also have some big plan for the future releases :)

So here you’ve the full changelog:

– Zend Framework was updated to 1.10.3
– FCKEditor was dropped and CKEditor 3.3 was added
– all AJAX stack was rewritten to use JSON instead of XML
– in full AJAX environment external javascripts are loaded only if
they were not loaded before
– in full AJAX environment widgets can now execute javascript code before
or after the HTML substitution
– focus internal management was rewritten
– P4A_Mask::setLeftSidebarWidth(), setRightSidebarWidth(),
getLeftSidebarWidth() and getRightSidebarWidth() methods were added
– jQuery::form was updated to 2.43
– jQuery was updated to 1.4.2
– jQuery UI was updated to 1.8.1
– jQuery::autocomplete plugin was replaced by jQuery UI autocomplete
– mask’s right sidebar is now shown correctly
– P4A_Data_Source::exportToCSV() deprecated method was removed
– P4A::isPopupOpened() deprecated method was removed
– P4A_Mask::unsetFocus() deprecated method was removed
– P4A_Mask::displayText() deprecated method was removed
– P4A_Table::setHeader() deprecated method was removed
– P4A_Box::setValue() and getValue() deprecated methods ware removed
– P4A_DB::getAll(), queryAll(), getRow(), queryRow(), getCol(), queryCol(),
getOne() and queryOne() deprecated methods ware removed
– P4A_Output_File now supports the “new window” param
– P4A_DB_Source::rowByPk() method now returns the retrieved row
– pt_BR translation was added to products_catalogue sample application
(thanks to Cassiano Faria)
– es_MX translation was added to products_catalogue sample application
(thanks to Edgar Joel)
– Yahoo CSS reset was updated to 3.1.0
– P4A_I18N::normalize() $num_of_decimals params now has a default value
– P4A_Table_Rows’ onformat event now passes a 5th parameter to the interceptor
method, this param is the complete row
– P4A_DB_Navigator::setRootLabel() and getRootLabel() methods were added
– P4A_DB_Navigator::allowMovementToRoot() method now supports a 2nd param
(root element label)
– P4A_DB_Source::getRowPosition() now adds “GROUP BY” clause
– default CSS font is now “Verdana,Arial,sans-serif” to match
jQuery::UI settings

Download P4A 3.6.0
Have fun!

jQuery UI Layout 1.1.0 is out!

Kevin and I released the new fantastic version of the UI Layout plugin for jQuery, changelog:

* RENAMED raisePaneZindexOnHover ==> showOverflowOnHover
* REMOVED "overflow: auto" from base-styles. Overflow must now be set by
CSS - unless applyDefaultStyles==true. No longer need "!important" to
set pane overflow in your stylesheet.
* CHANGED minSize default from 50 to 0 (still auto-limited to 'css size')
* FIXED bug in allowOverflow - now works with 'custom paneClass'
* EXPOSED two CSS utility methods
o myLayout.cssWidth( elem )
o myLayout.cssHeight( elem )
* NEW auto-resize for ALL layouts on windows.resize
* UPDATED auto-resizing of panes after a container-resize
* NEW flow-code to prevent simultaneous pane animations
* NEW options to add text inside toggler-buttons
* NEW options for hotkeys - standard (cursors) and user-defined

Hungry for new capabilities demos? check the powerful nesting and the droppable portlets demo

So now go directly to jQuery UI Layout official website for documentation, download and DEMOS!

jQuery UI Layout 1.0

You may already know that Kevin Dalman and I were working on a new jQuery UI Layout project, based on my FBBorderLayout now you have the layout system based on jQuery!

Some features:

  • unlimited layout capabilities: 5 regions per layout – unlimited nesting
  • simple to use: powerful but simple syntax is easy to learn
  • dozens of options: every aspect is customizable, globally and by region
  • total CSS control: dozens of auto-generated classes create ANY UI look
  • extensible: callbacks, methods, and special utilities provide total control
  • custom buttons: integrates with your own buttons for a custom UI look
  • use any elements: use divs, iframes or any elements you want as a ‘pane’
  • collapsable: each pane can be closed, using any UI animation you want
  • hidable: panes can be completely hidden, either on startup or at any time
  • resizable: each pane can be resized, within automatic or specified limits
  • slidable: panes can also ‘slide open’ for temporary access
  • headers & footers: each region has unlimited headers or footers
  • nesting capabilities: put layouts within layouts to create complex layouts
  • demo mode: set applyDefaultStyles option for a fully functional layout
  • compatible with UI widgets: intended to be used with other UI widgets
  • and MORE

Visit jQuery UI Layout official website for demos, documentation and download!

FBBorderLayout 0.9

Looking for a jquery border layout?

Changelog for this release:

  • a few bugs were fixed (thanks to Matteo Ligabue)
  • nested layouts support was added


  • the syntax to start the borderlayout was changed thus please check the new samples
  • this release has some issue with Internet Explorer, if you don’t need nested layouts or you’re not using Internet Explorer please wait for 1.0 before update

FBBorderLayout home page