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What a great monitor for Sony Vaio VPCF11Z1E (i7, 8GB RAM, bluray burner)!

The title is obviously rhetorical, let me explain.

First a bit of introduction, this is an hi-end pc, it has an i7 processor, 8GB RAM, blu ray burner and a 1080p (1920×1080) LCD panel, there are no excuses, this is a quite expensive machine and must be perfect!

I bought the notebook a few months ago and I had troubles with the LCD panel since the first day, at the beginning it had a darker section (~5mm) on all the bottom part of the panel. That’s really annoying. I sent the notebook back to sony 2 times (more than 2 weeks without the newly bought PC):

  • first time the wrote me “ok we replaced your panel”: it simply was not true (IMHO)
  • second time they told me “hey your monitor is perfect, this is our standard”

WHAT??? I see a lot of notebooks every day where I work and in the stores, none has this kind of problems (neither the sony’s). I always heard that SONY LCD were just great, one of the best and instead I’ve the ugliest monitor I ever had!!! In the past I had a few DELL pcs (I know, I did a big mistake chosing SONY against DELL).

Now the problem gets worse, just look at the pictures:

Is this the SONY LCD top quality? ahahhaha just don’t make me laugh!
Actually I’ve to say that the situation shown in the pictures above happens only sometimes (apparently randomly), all other time the problem is less serious but anyway… what if it completely break right after the warranty expiration?

Another great feature of this top class LCD panel is that if you turn down the brightness level to the minimum, half the screen slowly turns off (and then it bounces on and off forever), don’t you believe me? Here you have:
If you want to see it in action check this movie clip.

There’s one more problem, the leather inserts are falling apart, take a look at this picture:

I’ll try to send the notebook to SONY another time (and this is a problem for me ’cause I work with this machine!), will they understand that it has a problem? I’ll keep you updated.

UPDATE: sony changed the motherboard and the leather part, everything not related to the monitor which still have the same problems!!!