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Affero GNU Public License is now OSI approved

Yesterday Russ Nelson wrote in the OSI licence-review mailing list that finally the AGPL 3 was approved!

You can already see it in the OSI approved licenses page.

I think AGPL3 is really important for web applications and I’m really happy that OSI made AGPL official. Now I hope that more FLOSS projects will use it.

PS: This post is a sort of answer to post about Magento’s license where Roy Rubin (CEO of Varien) told me that AGPL wasn’t OSI approved (it was true in that moment, but now it isn’t anymore). Hey I don’t want to reopen the licenses war of that post, this note is just to join the arguments :-)

UPDATE: Matt Asay says that AGPL is a cure for the cancer within open source. I agree.