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War is started: Red had has been sued for patent infringement

IP Innovation LLC sued Red Hat and Novell (yes, Novell) for patent infringement about multiple workspaces (you’re right, this is unbelievable).

Is there Microsoft hand? We can’t say that but we know that IP Innovation LLC has just recruited some Microsoft executives…

Please read the complete article on Groklaw.

Thank you Red Hat

Many bloggers talked about the Liberation fonts released by Red Hat but when I read the press release I thought “why none thought about that before?”

i hear people say “Linux doesn’t work, I open a Word document and it’s all broken”.

It’s the “90-10” rule, 10% of a system causes 90% problems.

Our Linux boxes have really nice fonts, really nice UI and everything else but we need a massive users migration and TRUST to fix bug #1, inexperienced users take a livecd, boot, open one of their document and… ops it’s not as I did it!

Red Hat started to solve the problem, Liberation fonts will make documents on Linux pretty the same as you would see them on your Windows/Office machine.

New users will be pleased about that thus… Ubuntu and other distros, integrate those fonts ASAP!