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Ubuntu Mini Remix 10.04 for 64bit processors is out!

Hello everybody,
I finally take a bit of time to experiment generating a 64bit ISO image, I have no 64bit hardware so I used an Amazon EC2 instance (that was pretty cool!) to do the job so here you have, the Ubuntu Mini Remix has a new release ready for you to download, be sure to check it out!

Ubuntu Mini Remix 10.04

If you want to create an Ubuntu based Linux distro keeping control on every single part of it? Instead of remastering an Ubuntu Desktop ISO try the Ubuntu Mini Remix and add just what you want, you’ll have a much cleaner result!

Ubuntu Mini Remix 10.04 is out today for free download!

Ubuntu Mini Remix 8.10

You want to create your own Ubuntu Based distro but you don’t want to start from scratch? Ubuntu Mini Remix is the answer you’ll looking for!

It’s the smallest Ubuntu out there, only 133MB, fully functional, you can also use it as a rescue cd!

Download it and, using an ISO remastering software like Ubuntu Customization Kit, start customizing it adding your preferred software, graphic and everything you want.

Renaming Ubuntu derivatives

Working together with the Ubuntu trademarks team we renamed our Ubuntu derivatives:

Following up the distrowatch’s story about Ubuntu trademarks, as the first Italian Ubuntu affiliate we (CreaLabs) are trying to be a good example of how FLOSS projects should respect trademark policies living in the FLOSS ecosystem.

I encourage all *buntu derivatives to take the good move and do what we did.