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Ubuntu Mini Remix 10.04

If you want to create an Ubuntu based Linux distro keeping control on every single part of it? Instead of remastering an Ubuntu Desktop ISO try the Ubuntu Mini Remix and add just what you want, you’ll have a much cleaner result!

Ubuntu Mini Remix 10.04 is out today for free download!

UCK 2.0.12 is out!

I had a few hours to spend working on UCK so I’m publishing a new release right now :) here’s the changelog:

* GUI:
* splash notes were updated
* a new configuration screen was added to allow selecting which
languages will be available on the livecd boot splash (gfxboot).
This was necessary because the language packs codes do not match
gfxbook locales.
* the default gfxboot language can be chosen only between the
gfxboot available languages (easier selection).
* default gfxboot language selection was made mandatory

* Backend:
* a workaround for the chrooted gnome-terminal was implemented

Download UCK 2.0.12

UCK 2.0.11 is out

I’m really happy today, a brand new UCK version is freely available, here the nice changelog:

* GUI:
* ISO mime type check was removed because new Ubuntu ISOs
have “x-iso9660” mime type
* a bug with cd language selection was solved
(thanks to Wolf Geldmacher)

* Backend:
* .lz initrd support was added (thanks to Wolf Geldmacher)
* new isolinux configuration format is now supported
(thanks to Wolf Geldmacher)
* if a local copy of gfxboot-theme-ubuntu is found inside ~/tmp
it won’t be downloaded from bzr, allowing better customizations
(thanks to Wolf Geldmacher)
* gfxboot-theme-ubuntu source download routine was completely rewritten
using wget instead of bzr

But the most important thing is that Wolf Geldmacher, the guy who provided most of the patches for this release, is joining UCK development team, this is an awesome news!

So now hurry up and download UCK 2.0.11 while it’s hot!

Ubuntu 9.10 remixes by CreaLabs and the new UCK

Hello everybody, I’m here just to tell you that all our Ubuntu remixes were updated after the official karmic release:

Also Ubuntu Customization Kit was updated to be fully compatibly with the new Ubuntu 9.10.

Be sure to check everything out :-)

UCK 2.0.7, entering the Universe!

Today is a great day for our beloved project Ubuntu Customization Kit reaches the 2.0.7 version (there are only a few minor changes to the packaging so you can leave the update behind) but, most of all, thanks to the work of Alessio Treglia, UCK has been uploaded to the Ubuntu’s Universe repository for the upcoming Ubuntu 9.04!

This is a great leap ahead for UCK, we’re about to reach millions of Ubuntu users who’ll be able to install UCK directly from their package manager, without having to download it from UCK’s website!

go go go!

Ubuntu Customization Kit 2.0.6

I know, I’m a little bit late with this post, hope you’ll excuse me but I’m really out of time in these weeks :-)

Last week we rolled out the new version of the Ubuntu Customization Kit, named 2.0.6, containing some bugfixes, hey we’re about to enter Ubuntu’s Universe repository, that’s a big step for our beloved project and we’re working with the Ubuntu team and Alessio Treglia to make it happen!

So step into the official UCK 2.0.6 release announcement to know the changes and download it!

Ubuntu Customization Kit 2.0.5 is out!

Do you want to remaster the Ubuntu ISOs? Here you have the tool you’ve ever wanted :-)

In this release you’ll find a few minor bugfix but we’ve been working with a great guy (Alessio Treglia) to make UCK enter Ubuntu’s “universe” repository, we’ll keep you up to date about this wonderful goal!


* GUI:
* UCK version number fix

* Backend:
* uck-remaster script now outputs UCK version
for a better debugging
* minor fix to download-gfxboot-theme-ubuntu
(thanks to Alessio Treglia)

* Package:
* minor fixes to uck.desktop (thanks to Alessio Treglia)
* some license/copyright issues were fixed (thanks to Alessio Treglia)

Download Ubuntu Customization Kit 2.0.5.