Best modules to boost Magento 2 performance

These are my suggestions for effective modules (that will be easy to install and configure) to boost Magento 2 performance with really low effort.

They’re commercial modules, so you’ll have to buy them but in my experience it will be money well spent.

Disclaimer: I’m not sponsored by these companies and I do not have any affiliation with them.

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Upload to Instagram from your computer (PC/MAC)!

You use Instagram but you prefer to edit your pictures on your computer before uploading them? Here comes the problem: there’s no official Instagram app for laptops or desktops!

But wait! Follow this quick&easy tutorial and you’ll be able to upload your pictures to Instagram from your computer, using only your browser, the official website and no other software or extension!

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Best music distribution service of 2018

If you’re a musician/band and you want to release your music on the major stores (Spotify, iTunes, Amazon Music) in the best way possible¬†you’re in the right place! Let’s compare the most modern platform so that you can choose the best for your music!

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LinkedIn multilanguage bug?

I was editing my LinkedIn profile. I’ve it in 2 languages: English (main) and Italian (secondary) but every time I edit a section in any language they keep overwriting themselves.

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Canary Islands, Ceuta and Melilla are three special Spanish regions counting almost 3 million inhabitants. They’re 100% Spain but they have special fiscal regulations because of geographical reasons.

Since a few months, if you live (like me) in one of those territories, it’s almost impossible to order anything from
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